About Us

In 1960, inspired by the uplifting and therapeutic benefits of dance and creative expression, Phyllis McDowell and volunteers from the Mental Health Association of New Haven and the Jewish Community Center launched Fellowship Place, a socialization program for psychiatric patients discharged from … [Read more...]

Mission, Values & Vision

Mission Statement To help adults who have a mental illness lead more meaningful, fulfilling and healthy lives by offering resources, education and opportunity. Value Statement 1. Fellowship Place serves and supports adults in their efforts to overcome the challenges of living with mental … [Read more...]

Our History

In the early 1960’s the general public had little understanding or compassion for people who suffered from a serious mental illness. The mentally ill were often treated as outcasts and confined to large, state operated psychiatric institutions for years of their adult lives. Most communities did … [Read more...]

Board of Directors

President – Patrick Luddy, Retired, VP Facilities Planning & Management, Yale New Haven Hospital 1st Vice President - Renee Redman, Law Offices of Renee C. Redman, LLC 2nd Vice President - Anne Demchak, Retired, Community Volunteer Secretary - Sue L. Cohen, Amity Regional Board of … [Read more...]

In Their Own Words

Testimonials from members in the Fellowship community and praise from family members. In The Fellowship Community “On my first night at Fellowship Place November 15, 1965, Fellowship first started out with a community meeting at 7:30pm followed by a game nite, followed by coffee and cake. At … [Read more...]

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