In Their Own Words

Testimonials from members in the Fellowship community and praise from family members.

In The Fellowship Community

“On my first night at Fellowship Place November 15, 1965, Fellowship first started out with a community meeting at 7:30pm followed by a game nite, followed by coffee and cake. At 9:00pm the Arthur Murray dance instructor came to give a few dance lessons. At 10pm the night is over! During the week the Fellowship Director called me up to 3 times to make sure I would come back the following week as a new member. -Zane

“The Fellowship club helped me open my eyes, and when I did I saw the world was not as terrible as I thought it was.” –Ann

“I consider it a home. Fellowship is a home for me. “-Joe

“The illness left me totally out of step and apart, ‘like a boat set aimlessly adrift without a rudder. I found Fellowship Place, or perhaps it had found me. Fellowship Place knew what was needed to restore my sense of well-being and confidence. We’re normal people just going through difficult times. Fellowship helped me to gain back my self-respect and come out of my shell.” -Joe

“Fellowship has meant the world to me – given me the opportunity to come in and draw, go on the computer, learn typing or better, the endless opportunity to join groups, to mingle. I was very shy when I first came to Fellowship. It made possible the ability to believe that I could do more being disabled. At almost fifty, I am able to see my son grow and find a job and be in touch with him by phone. I am also able to talk to my dad and sister, who support the idea that there is a place without bars, a place to visit and explore New Haven, share ideas, hopes, and dreams, listen to great music on the Internet, and meet great people of quality. And, that is to me what Fellowship means: to extend the quality of life in a fast-paced world.” -Chris Ann

“Since I was twelve years old I dreamed of becoming a sportswriter. That was shattered when I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in my junior year of high school. I struggled to graduate with my class in 1998. Afterwards, I attended Gateway Community College and attempted sixty hours but I only gained 33. I became angry and frustrated. In 2005, I joined Fellowship Place. My education counselor suggested that I enroll in an introduction to computers class. I did very well and took 2 other computer classes. My self-esteem shot up when I won several awards. In January 2007, I enrolled at Albertus Magnus College where I am currently taking a sports writing course. I am enjoying my class very much. For the first time in my life I feel that I really do have a chance to work in my dream field. Joining Fellowship has been a life changing-experience for me.” -Jahmari

Food Services Program
“I work alongside Bill and Lucille in the kitchen, serving our members breakfast and lunch. I have worked and volunteered my services for a year and a half after my discharge from a short stay at CMHC. Not only is my boss, Lucille, a great friend and person, but my rehabilitation work schedule has helped me tremendously in preparing me for a steady paying job. Also, working with the members and staff has helped me learn new social skills.” –Angie

Monday Night Program
“Monday Night Programs are always interesting and most informative. Many members attend. Often we attempt to solve problems. Some Monday nights are devoted to lectures and slide shows on faraway places. Other nights we learn of subjects of community interests from experts in fields of police work, therapy, and politics. Dances are held, concerts are given, and plays are presented. Staff members and student volunteers are all friendly without exception. Monday night at Fellowship is a must.” –Maurice

Supportive Employment Program
“I enjoyed Supportive Employment. They taught me a lot. The program showed me how to keep a job. I hadn’t worked in nine years. I had been searching a long time until Supportive Employment found me a job that I like. I have been working for 15 months and love my boss and job.” –Terry

Praise From Family Members

“We are most appreciative of the support your organization has given (our son) these many years. Without it, I doubt if his art achievements might have occurred. The most important side effect of this was his personal development and self-esteem. As an ADD child, he was misunderstood and belittled and ignored. His IQ made them totally blame the family for indifference and lack of discipline…” -A Parent

“My husband and I and my son’s psychiatrist have been thrilled by his response to your Meeting Place and Fellowship Club! Despite his very short attention span, which has limited his functioning in many tragic ways, he has stayed on at your activities for full periods – a great achievement for him and a great tribute to your program and staff.” -A Parent

“Your program is the only one our son has responded to so quickly and warmly in his 14 years of illness, the only one where he has not been made to feel inadequate because he cannot perform at the level of others.” -A Parent

“We were impressed by the relaxed, nurturing atmosphere, which helps members to grow during their time at Fellowship Place – getting jobs, becoming comfortable with their environment, and regaining confidence in themselves.” -A Parent

“We are confident that knowing you are behind our son and that he has your support will one day give him the courage to fight his addiction.” -A Parent

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