Fellowship Place’s Supportive Housing & Supported Employment programs receive High Quality and Exemplary ratings from the Dept. of Mental Health & Addiction Services in their recent comprehensive fidelity reviews.

The Dept. of Mental Health & Addiction Services recently completed comprehensive fidelity reviews of Fellowship Place’s Supportive Housing program and the Supported Employment program. The purpose of the reviews is to determine how closely each program is following best practices and meeting benchmarks established by DMHAS. The review process includes an audit of policies & procedures, a review of client files, client interviews, and staff interviews. We are proud to announce the outstanding results. The Supportive Housing program received an overall rating of High Quality, scoring a total of 130 points out of a possible 140, and the Supported Employment program received an overall rating of Exemplary, scoring a total of 121 points out of a possible 125. Congratulations to the Housing staff and the Career Development staff on a job well done!


Left Photo, left to right: Fellowship Place Employment Specialist Tarin Evans, Fellowship Place Director of Career Development Services Sandi Sibilio, and Fellowship Place Education & Employment Specialist Juno Dina. Right Photo: Fellowship Place Residential Case Manager Dennis Reilly, and Fellowship Place Housing Peer Specialist Vera Levis.