Mission, Values & Vision

Fellowship Place


Mission Statement

To serve adults living with mental illness by offering a full range of therapeutic support and rehabilitation services that promote independence, wellness, and a meaningful life.

Value Statement

Fellowship Place is committed to providing a safe environment for the people it serves so that they can challenge themselves and exceed their own expectations.

Fellowship Place welcomes, accepts and values the contributions of the people it serves, treating them with dignity and respect.

Fellowship Place recognizes that the quality of the services it provides is dependent on the quality and character of its staff. It therefore seeks to recruit and retain committed, expert staff members, whose contributions it values and respects, and to provide them with continuing opportunities for professional development.

Fellowship Place seeks to foster a collaborative culture both within its campus and in partnership with other organizations that can help advance its mission.

Vision Statement

The vision of Fellowship Place is to provide creative and effective programs for adults living with mental illness, to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness, and to promote the acceptance and integration of people with mental illness into the broader community.